Kenya women joining heaviest in Africa

By Gatonye Gathura

The number of overweight and obese women in Kenya has overshot the regional mark but still some way from Swaziland’s who are heaviest in Sub-Saharan Africa.
A study covering 32 countries in the region published on 13th January this year in the journal BioMed Central, shows 17.9 per cent of women in Kenya to be overweight and 7.5 per cent to be obese.
This the report by the University of Tampere, Finland and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana says is against the Sub-Saharan average of 15.9 per cent overweight and 6.7 per cent obesity.

Compared to her traditional East African neighbours Kenya has far more obese and overweight women that Tanzania and Uganda with the later having the highest number of lean women.

Swaziland however is indicated to have the highest number of obese and overweight women in the region with almost four out of a 100 women on the heavier or obese side.

On the other hand Madagascar is the place to get the lightest and least obese women in the region, according to the study. Only about one out of 100 women are obese in the island and has also the highest number of lean women.

In all these countries women in urban areas and who are rich were more likely to be overweight or obese compared to their rural and poorer counterparts.

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