Kenyans are born and bred to bribe – researcher

By Gatonye Gathura

Males, black Africans and members of the smaller tribes are most likely to bribe in Kenya compared to other groups.

The study: Determinants of Corruption in Kenya: Born and Bred to Bribe, by a local consultant says corruption in Kenya is almost impossible to end because it is inborn.

“The fight against corruption can be hard to win given that some of the issues that influence it are inborn and cannot therefore be changed,” writes the consultant Fredrick Ombako.

Ombako seems to be justifying recent sentiments gaining credence in the country that corruption is in the DNA of most blacks.

Ombako in the study published in the journal Social Sciences by the Science Publishing Group is indicated to work with the ResearchPro Solutions of Nairobi in aversion appearing in the scientists’ social platform called ResearchGate.

A similar version appearing in another social platform Academia indicates Ombako to be the Director of research, monitoring and evaluation at Bukas Accountancy and Consulting Limited of Nairobi.

Though the Science Publishing Group has for some years attracted less than stellar press, Ombako has extensively mined data on the many reports and research papers on corruption in Kenya.

He specifically relies much on a recent study of 2,197 Kenyans from all the 47 counties by the research group Afrobarometer. He concludes that people from outside of the big five tribes of Kenya are most likely to pay a bride compared to members of the bigger communities.

“This may suggest that persons belonging to the smaller tribes in Kenya are disadvantaged in getting government services and must therefore bribe officials, who are mostly members of the larger tribes,” he wrote.

The researcher says his analysis showed that a black Kenyan was more likely to offer a bribe than Kenyans of any other race.

He compares this to a study carried out in April by the University of Utah and University of Maryland, in the US which found that blacks support corrupt politicians of their own race at a higher rate than do whites or Latinos.

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