Mobile phones ownership surpass radio, good toilets in Kenya – survey

By Gatonye Gathura

A mobile phone is now the most sought after possession in Kenya, many times ahead of a toilet or even the good old radio.

Recently released national malaria survey shows 90 per cent of all Kenyan households and 97 per cent in urban areas own a mobile phone.

This compared to only 28 per cent of Kenya’s households with an improved toilet.

The mobile phone ownership has long surpassed the radio, previously the most prevalent of durable goods in local households.

Nationally, 78 per cent of households were found to own a radio but only 65 per cent are in rural areas.

When radio ownership was compared to television ownership the latter is doing poorly with 62 per cent of households having a TV set. This is divided into 37 per cent ownership in towns and 19 per cent in rural areas.

The malaria survey released by the Ministry of Health about a fortnight ago has interesting data some which may have men taking note.

For example, although eight per cent of women do not have any education and 13 per cent with incomplete primary school education 36 per cent of households are headed by females.

Despite the high ownership of mobile phones and radios only 42 per cent of household were found to have electricity.

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