Kenyans appetite for daily anti-HIV pill (Truvada) picks up in New Year from 9,000 to 26,000 users

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After a slow start last year, use of the daily HIV prevention pill Truvada also called PreP has picked up in the New Year.

Officially launched last may in Nairobi by the Ministry of Health the pill closed the year with only about 9,000 users.

PrePWatch, the Internet site run by the New York based non-governmental organisation AVAC shows the figures to have jumped from 9,000 in December to about 13,000 early this year and currently to 26,000 against a donors’ target of 37,000.

PrePWatch keeps tract of PreP use in about 30 countries globally and currently the highest use is in the US at 225,000, followed by Kenya at 26,000 and Australia at 14,600.

In the UK the use is at 5,500, South Africa 9,500, France 6,500, Germany 3,000, Uganda 5,000, Tanzania 700, Nigeria 400, Norway 800 and so on.

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