Catholics, Atheists most frightened of death in Nairobi-study


Catholics and atheists are the most frightened of death among the various religious groups in Nairobi County.

A new study also shows Nairobians are not much intimidated by the threat of hell but neither are they too enthusiastic on meeting their creator.

The study on city residents ‘ attitude towards death and their plans for this final act presented at a recent international conference in Australia also showed the poor to be much afraid of death.

Dr Stephen Asatsa, a counseling psychologist and lecturer at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa had interrogated 320 study participants from five Nairobi sub-counties.

Participants included Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Traditionalists and Atheists. The report showed Catholics and Atheists as the most frightened of death among these groups.

The Hindu had the least fear of death by a huge margin compared to the others followed by Muslims at a poor second.

Atheists by far were the most likely to want to avoid death than any other religious group. The study also found the poorest of Nairobi, earning less than $100 per month much afraid of death and with the biggest wish for avoiding the end of life.

Richer Nairobians earning $1,000 and more per month were not much afraid of death compared to their poorer counterparts and wished less for death to keep away.

Divorced city residents had the least fear of death followed by widowed when compared to all other people in various marital status. Singles had the highest fear of death followed by the married.

By age of course the youth, 20-34 were least worried about death, and made no plans while the older people were worried about family feuds over property. The study, presented in July at a meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development also involved researchers from Michigan and Punjab universities.


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